Comment: I have no inside information

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I have no inside information

but I would like to be heard.

I am not sure if you run events, I have. And these folks tried to put together a major one.

I can speculate that as things did not unfold as designed, it may have went the way of "salvaging" the event.

I will speculate on this also. Ron is conservative and can look as in the eyes of the zombies to try and reach them. I believe Dr. Paul was not keen on the Washington Veteran March for RP because it looks like it is militant. And militant is something that does not go over good. It is possible he distanced from that. And when it was announced about a same style march in Tampa, I think that was a no go.

And nothing against Kokesh, he spoke at an event we had and would like him again. It is just that Ron is targeting everyone, including the establishment quo. Adam I believe is targeting the younger folks. So it is kind of like when reading about the elder Natives and the Young Buck Natives discussing strategy.

Just trying to read things from where Dr. Paul might see it.