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My Letter to the Executive Director -after several on our behalf

Dear Jeff,

Hope this email finds you doing well and enjoying Spring. I know that several of our supporters have written to you about our campaign and I wanted to follow up on this.

I do realize that you may not be able to financially support us through Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), and perhaps not even endorse us because of whatever reasons are coming up for your leadership committee (if the reason is that you have somehow assessed that we ‘cannot win’ I would like to point out it is not just about ‘winning’ – it is about ‘trying’ – because ‘trying’ is the only way you can win).

However, as one of the people who participated in your Year of Youth Convention in Arlington last year, I thought it would be really neat if you could send out an email to your membership talking about people running for office who are a part of YAL. It seems like this would be a solid informational piece for your donors, sponsors, and members – to see what young people are running for what offices where. That way we can network and connect with each other. I think that was part of the purpose of your event and a part of what your donors and members would expect from an organization like YAL. I also know that you are non-partisan – so I bet there are a lot of people running as Independents and even Democrats that may be a good fit for this as well, it would be a great chance to grow your membership. A lot of people (regardless of political party affiliation) are having conversations about liberty right now - why don't you help connect us young people with others around the nation who are working on rebuilding Constitutional government?

I am pretty sure you have a cohesive list of candidates who are running since we all filled out an application talking about our endeavors last year, there is also a great listing of people from I do believe that educating your membership and connecting like-minded people together is a part of your mission at YAL – and I want to help facilitate that conversation since our campaign is gaining quite a bit of momentum and several people have asked YAL to endorse us, or at least help spread the message of what we are doing in Colorado to your membership.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration – I have copied several of our donors and supporters on this email so that they can see that we have reached out to you in addition to the emails and phone calls they have already made on our behalf.

In Liberty,



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