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I have NOT received his survey and probably won't...


On May 29, 2011, at 7:18 PM, "Tisha T. Casida" wrote:
Mr. Brown,

I am running for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District. With our campaign we will be educating and empowering our communities about positive and actionable solutions - I am a staunch supporter of both the 2nd amendment and 4th amendment, which current legislation at a national and international level are threatening. I have my CCW from Pueblo County.

I would like your help in creating position papers concerning your organization's issues and proposed solutions for our country, especially in Colorado - we will help educate others in our community and district.

The incumbent, Scott Tipton, is a conservative and a Republican, and some of his actions remain to be seen. I am running to restore our constitution; I am part of the generation that has been sold into economic slavery and have also seen the erosion of my constitutional (and God-given) rights.

I can provide any further information that you need. For five years I have operated another company called That's Natural!, as well as have recently published a newspaper called The Good American Post (

Thank you for your time and help,

Tisha Casida

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From: Dudley Brown
Date: Mon, May 30, 2011 at 8:48 PM
Subject: Re: Request for Information/Developing Position Papers
To: "Tisha T. Casida"
We don't write position papers for candidates. Honestly, if you don't know the issues well enough to write your own position papers you might want to re-think running for office.

However, we do put out a survey on issues which we send to filed candidates.

As for solutions to Second Amendment issues, it's quite simple: don't infringe.

Dudley Brown
Executive Director
Rocky Mountain Gun Owners
National Assoc. for Gun Rights

From: Tisha Casida []
Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2012 6:11 PM
Subject: RE: Support of RMGO for Casida for Congress 2012

Dear Mr. Brown,

Several of our supporters have asked us to contact you about supporting our campaign. It is apparent that you do not remember us contacting you, per your message to one of them:

From: Dudley Brown
To: 'shane'
Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2012 11:27 AM
Subject: RE: Western Slope event

Yeah, I’ve seen that. Never met either Casida or Kokesh, and Casida certainly hasn’t contacted RMGO/NAGR, to my knowledge.

The truth is, as a third party candidate she stands zero chance of winning, and an endorsement from our PAC isn’t going to pull her over the finishline.
Dudley Brown
Executive Director

(My reply on April 28, 2012 to Mr. Brown)

First of all, I did reach out to you, almost a year ago, with the hopes of forming a relationship, but you candidly replied to my message.

Apparently, talking to others who have formidable knowledge about subjects is an unpracticed act of candidates (I wonder if Scott Tipton and Sal Pace have ever written ANYTHING for themselves? I not only write for myself, but speak for myself - and do not have attorneys and bureaucrats watching what I say to keep me 'in line'). I asked for your knowledge, and you came back at me like I was stupid for doing so.

So, Mr. Brown, it is very apparent you don't think I have a chance - although we continue to gain support and momentum - in the State and nationally. Also, I have a stronger, more constitutional stance on the 2nd amendment at the federal level of government - than either Tipton or Pace. The text of that is below:

Second Amendment
A right is something you can do without seeking permission from government authority. A privilege is something that requires permission from some authority before you can perform the activity. Acting without permission is usually a crime.
Freedom of religion is a right. The government does not issue “church permits” that are required before we can exercise our religion. Even if the government passed a law that made it illegal to think about God, it would be impossible for them to detect violations, much less enforce such a law.
Self-defense is also a right. There is no requirement to call someone in government in order to get permission to act in your own defense. It is ludicrous to think that defending your life efficiently and effectively with the use of a gun somehow requires government permission. If people are not required to obtain a church permit, then logically they cannot be required to obtain a concealed carry permit. There is no philosophical or legal difference between the First and Second Amendment. Ultimately this means that 23,000+ gun laws in the United States are “repugnant to the Constitution” and should therefore be considered null and void.

That being said, I do carry a weapon, and I do have a concealed carry permit from Pueblo County, Colorado.

I just wanted to illustrate to several of our followers, that EVERY collective interest, including that of RMGO, is tied to the corruptness of political parties. It is very sad, but the truth. I have heard great things about your organization, and you are right - what you could offer us would really do nothing for our campaign. We are doing that ourselves - through individuals - who believe in not only the 2nd amendment, but the right to run for office as Independents, regardless of the naysayers that refuse to see the desperate times of this country and what it will take to root out the corruption in government, starting with the political parties. You have treated me like I don't exist, you have told me that I should not run for federal office, and you have told me I have no chance of winning.

Would you please send us the survey that you send to 'filed candidates'? We have filed with the FEC.

We do appreciate what you do to stand up for people's second amendment rights - we look forward to making sure that the federal government stands out of your way!

In Liberty,


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