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Okay, I

am done here with you. The following was not insulting, was not name-calling on your part?:
"...A + B + C = You're willfully ignorant and I might as well be talking to a wall.

Pathological Denial/Self-Deceit is a real b****. You can't handle admitting you're in it in order to get of it. Might as well be in a hole, walking in circles, and telling yourself you're getting somewhere..."

And I'm not the only one you talk to this way. For the most part, you are insulting to anyone with whom you disagree.

And again, how does one have selective hearing when reading something, Mr. Psychologist? Let's talk about projection, shall we?

It's like this: Your accusations towards me remind me of someone who wants me to look over here at the right hand, while you're doing something shady with the left. Your behavior reminds me of cointelpro, to be frank. NEWSFLASH: I DON'T HAVE TO ANSWER YOU.

If you're not cointelpro, then in my opinion, you should be asking yourself why you care what I think. And, btw, I am not the only one here who disagrees with your opinions. You will not change my mind, I've frankly stated that fact, yet you continue to allegedly try to do so--this makes me question your agenda.

And just so you know, the over-usage of abbreviations (NAP) in today's world is one of my pet peeves. If it's not spelled out, and I don't know its meaning, rarely will I take the time to google it/learn its meaning. NAP = not a problem?

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