Comment: I still contend that RP knows

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I still contend that RP knows

that whoever the next president ends up being will go down in history as the commander in cheif when an unprecidented financial disaster will destroy the US Dollar and cause social unrest all around the globe.

I had privately hoped RP would not some how get elected because so many people are still living in a propagandized stupor and have no clue whats going on that when SHTF happens...they would blame President Paul. That would set back the Liberty Movement for generations.

It's only fair that either Obama or Romney get stuck holding the bag. Maybe RP will be President of Tejas, Missouri, or New Hampshire and we can all go there to get away from the psychotic madmen that only know how to print monopoly money and enforce their opinions with a gun.

One thing is for sure...we live in interesting times!