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What you should understand is

What you should understand is that the rise in precious metals is not in spite of the's part of the Fed's plan. The cabal is controlling/allowing a controlled rise in prices in advance of a return to "hard money". Yeah!!

It does'nt seem to bother Ron Paul or the other hard money promoters that the same criminals running the fiat system will also be running the gold standard. It also does'nt seem to matter to Paul and some of his supporter (of which I am one but rethinking my support)that the central planners running things are the same criminals who own all the gold and who will benefit from a "gold standard" and the rise in prices. It makes you want to scratch your head.
It's actually easy to understand. Over the last 60 years the criminals used the fiat system to trade worthless paper for real tangible assets like gold and land, oil etc. Now that they bought up all the gold (Banks Governments and Institutions are by far the largest gold owners) they are going to use it to further consolidate their power.
If you want to buy silver/Gold, don't do it because you think you are fighting the man....and winning. You're not. Do it because you are aware of the script. Do it because the prices are likely to keep on rising because the man planned it that way. The only question you should be concerned about is when to get out.