Comment: Dr. Woods put out a video a

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Dr. Woods put out a video a

Dr. Woods put out a video a few months ago that he later took down in the same day calling out John Tate and a few other folks in C4L for moving away from Dr. Paul's foreign policy positions. I'd say given that Tate is whom Dr. Woods is referring to now.

As for Doug Wead, he isn't perfect, but when you look into his eyes, you can see a flaming bush of liberty burning inside. He is a legit convert who is still finding his way at times. I am very happy he is on our team. He is an incredibly smart individual with amazing writ.

I'm also concerned that sometimes we want a 100 percent Ron Paul purity test. If you don't agree with Dr. Paul on every single issue, then you are the enemy or an idiot. If we take this approach, we will no doubt lose. Folks like Doug are going to find themselves coming our way and won't be perfect, but they add to our movement, add to our numbers and make us a bigger force. I myself don't agree with Dr. Paul on every single issue. I agree on 90 percent.

We need to trust our message - it's the supreme message from the Creator - and go about our missionary work. This, after all, has been Dr. Paul's top priority, to spread the message.

God bless liberty and each and every one of us who fight for her.