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1. No, that's an

1. No, that's an observation/conclusion fully backed up by the previous explanation. AGAIN, you are CHOOSING to take it as an insult when it's not one. Of course when someone feels like their credibility is being put into question they're going to take it personally EVEN THOUGH that is their CHOICE to do so. A sane and rational person would say "he made a point" and deal with it OR would prove I was wrong by showing the invalid reasoning. Apparently we don't have many sane people here... or is "not sane" an insult also?

2. You're implying that I'm insulting someone that doesn't agree with me when I've never said or implied this. You're putting words in my mouth (add that to A+B+C). I make conclusions based on observations. If a person disagreed with me and was able to prove me wrong... then I would admit I was wrong when I couldn't invalidate their own evidence and reasoning. Most people can only attack what I say with fallacies which I easily invalidate myself. I point out observations of people that they in their own words prove.

Feel free to disagree with me, but make sure to be able to back it up if you're going to open your mouth... otherwise you deserve what you get. Making fallacious and assumptious claims is in itself "insulting". Luckily for me I don't feel insulted... I realize the reality of it... them putting themselves below me. They do the work for me.

3. The fact that you put words in my mouth as I mentioned shows that you either didn't understand clear English or you chose to hear something the way you wanted to, "selective hearing". Which one was it? I'll wait for your answer... but I doubt I'll get it.

I've been told by both professional psychologists, counselors, lawyers, etc etc, as well as family and friends my whole life that I would have made an excellent psychologist or lawyer if that's what I wanted to be. If you want to try mocking my ability to make clear observations that most choose to ignore or neglect without honest reasoning or critical thinking... feel free. You only make yourself look foolish with your assuming and childish comment. I'm sorry... was that also "insulting"? Do you now need to tell yourself you weren't insulted again so you can feel like you're above these words or me some more? I see through you and the intention in every word you say... intentions you would never even consciously admit to yourself as you would never want to acknowledge how sh***y of a person you actually are underneath the false sense of respect.

4. You don't have to answer me. Thank you for using that excuse as a reason to not answer a simple question... while deciding to respond to EVERYTHING ELSE I've said. Please, contradict yourself more... keep telling yourself that "I don't have to answer you" is a valid reason to not answer a simple question while spending your time writing paragraphs... when in reality it's a cop out to avoid the answer you yourself don't want to give. Why is that? Because you would be incriminating yourself with your own honesty. You know Jan Helfed? Yeah... I ask those kinds of questions. At the point that people WANT to say "I don't have to answer you!" is the time they usually walk out of the interview.

You are not above me. I'll accept that we're equals... but you are by far not even close to above me in any which way that really matters.

5. Large numbers of people that agree with each other only means they're all right or all wrong. Numbers don't mean anything. That's a well known fallacy. I'd say "nice try", but it wasn't at all. You're only proving me right even more.

6. "You will not change my mind". No s**t. I never expected to... as I've pointed out before, I believe you to be willfully ignorant like many others on this site and elsewhere. You really think this is all for the sake of changing YOUR mind? LOL This is for the sake of any 3rd party that happens to come upon this that has an open mind and wants to see both sides of the argument. In this case... my side demolishing yours. You won't see it that way... but that's to be expected.

5. I'm sorry, I thought all self-proclaimed libertarians knew what "NAP" was. "Non-Aggression Principle". My bad for assuming. Thank you for taking the time to write paragraphs to someone you don't care about the opinions of and think you're above, but not any time to try and educate yourself so you can understand what you're even reading. God forbid someone understood what they were reading before they replied to it.

This isn't arrogance. It's assertiveness with PLENTY of good reason behind it (as shown and explained). As I've pointed out, your response only proves me more right regarding the "A+B+C" about you.

If I were you, I wouldn't feel insulted. I would feel embarrassed.

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