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I have to say...

That it has been the people like Tom Woods that have managed to keep the liberty movement alive and well. Jesse Benton caused a LOT of trouble from within the campaign, and in my opinion should have NEVER held the position he was given. It is Tom Woods or even Doug Wead that should have been given that position from the start.
Jesse most certainly did NOTHING to deserve the amount of money he squandered from our dedicated donations. In fact I would have been glad to donate to the max if it were not for the feeling that my money somehow was not going where it should have been going.
Jesse Benton took advantage of Dr. Paul and all of the rest of us, and managed to turn the campaign into something other than the grassroots kind of campaign we had in 2008. Just imagine what we could have accomplished this time if that feeling would have been prevalent this campaign. Sure we had the brushfires burning for the 2012 campaign...but nothing like we had in 2008. The momentum would have been tremendous. But every time we would get a leg up and the sparks started to fly, we would witness infighting and there would be some kind of spat between two of our best organizers. Instigated?
And every time the grassroots would try to take matters into our own hands and MAKE something happen, it would get shot down and we would be called extremist and/or the fringe element or some such thing by the very people we were doing our best to help with the campaign. There was no real help for us when it came to working together no matter if it involved the Calls For Paul or the Super Brochure effort. And Gary Franchi (bless his heart) opted to doing his best to cover the debates and stay out of the way, and more or less fell off the radar for a while. Can't say I blame him there.
We had dedicated people that could have done a far better job than Benton at a fraction of the cost because we had people that believed in the message and wanted to help spread it...unlike Benton who only believes in the (not so mighty) fiat dollar, and will chase it no matter where it may lead.
Sad to say, he may have single handedly destroyed the campaign and squelched any real chance for Ron to matter the strategy. Because it was always Jesse Benton saying the wrong things at the wrong times, and I would not doubt for a minute that he was somehow involved with Rand's decision to do what he did when he did it as well. WARNING to Rand...STAY AWAY FROM BENTON in the future.
THERE. I feel better now.
Sorry Dr. Paul. But I know you were just trying to do what you felt was best. And as mother always can lock out a thief, but you can't lock out a liar.