Comment: I'm about to leave the republican again become

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I'm about to leave the republican again become

Registered as an independent. I am also going to vote for Gary Johnson. Afterwards ill only register republican when i can make a change to promote a liberty candidate, So i have not completely given up at changing the republican party at all (we all know that is what they want, for us to give up). We all knew the republicant's were just as corrupt at the democripts...but everyone do you guys realize how much of an impact we the liberty movement made in the republican party. We have all kinds of people in positions of power for the next round of elections 2016, imagine what we can do in 4 years. Unfortunately (but fortunately) looking at all the polls from the dems news groups and the re"pubs"lican news groups romney is behhind in all the polls, he might just lose. We
Have a chance at winning in 2016. Plus there are a bunch of elections in between now and 2016 that will help the liberty candidates that show up to stand up for this country....we have just started..... Don't even think about giving up on the republican party.