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Comment: Meh, who needs him. I listen to his economic predictions

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Meh, who needs him. I listen to his economic predictions

because they make sense but that's about it. He was looking for a sure bet and there just aren't any. The fact that he thinks he'll be better off in Asia when it comes to Liberty is crazy. Now being that he's filthy rich, he's going to have a good life regardless, most likely but even then there are no guarantees.

I donated thousands of dollars that I didn't really have to give. As a matter of fact it has put me back in my preparations for the devastation that I see coming, but I would have given much more if I could have. I gave because I believed and still do believe in Liberty. I now, thanks to Dr.Paul and the DP, have faith that there are people out there with the same ideas and willingness to see this through.

Whatever the cost may be. Jim isn't one of them and I'll lose no sleep over it.

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