Comment: I'm sick of this

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I'm sick of this

So, let me get this right, Rand Paul wants to withhold aid to these two countries BECAUSE he wants the Dr who looked at and ID'd the frozen body of Bin Laden which has been in a freezer for 11 years to be released from prison and Rand also wants to cut off aid to Libya and Egypt until the individuals that killed the embassy officials, who were not protected with real ammo, are captured and arrested?? Do we have "STUPID" written on our foreheads?? Do these political hacks really think the American people are really that dumb? Stop ALL aid to countries ALL OVER THE WORLD! No conditions, no reason except for the fact that the US is broke. REMOVE ALL American personel and military from ALL military bases and diplomatic posts ALL over the world! It is not the responsibility of the American people to pay to protect the oil companies and mega corporations that chose to do business overseas. Let them come home to the US and bring those jobs back to American workers where they will be safe. How can "We the People" be so naive?? When are we going to wake up?? If we continue to allow this insanity to continue then as Franklin said, "We deserve neither Liberty or Security" Rand Paul, who do you think you are fooling??