Comment: Hold can't blame Rand

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Hold can't blame Rand

completely. The Obama Administration is ignoring this plus captives. Saddiqui, who now is trying to reach out to Israel for help, because Obama Administration is brushing him off. The damands are to release Al Qaeda prisoners we have in GITMO. Obama refuses to cooperate.It's barter, blackmail, whatever you call it. We have to admit to ourselves that we do not know the whole story. We are going to have some causalities even when doing what is right to get our nation (as a whole) on moral and financial ground.

Perhaps blackmail is the VERY reason why we continue aide to these foreign governments. Not all but certainly a something substantial. Also, keep in mind that this prisoner was never let go despite us continuing to provide foreign aide. Aide or not it's not going to change things--it isn't the only answer and far from the whole story.