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Comment: Ron Paul hater? He's not a Ron Paul hater, wake up and listen.

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Ron Paul hater? He's not a Ron Paul hater, wake up and listen.

Constructive criticism over strategy and running an open and visiable campaign are valid...

Learn the lesson from the Harry Browne campaigns which took money from Lprs and they got barely a TV ad.

Learn the lesson of AUDIT the fed, ... and apply it to CforL and the RP campaign itself.

The grassroots has a collective power and intelligence. Its a FEEDBACK LOOP. Its an intelligent system. And the better liberty campaigns of the future will MAKE SURE that they include this feature.

Say Adam runs a campaign for Senate. Lets see if he runs it openly, not top down. Donations come in, then choices are made by the grassroots as to what to spend it on, then they choose, then ADAM follows that direction. Say one million comes into the Adam for Senate campaign. It comes in with the TOOLS in place for the grassroots to direct its expenditure. Adam himself wants to fly to 5 major cities in New Mexico and debate the other two Senate Candidates. But say the grassroots says, in its collective wisdom, that its better to run these 2 TV & Radio ads ad nauseum over the New Mexico Airways...Adam would have to go along with that if he is running a BOTTOM UP campaign directed from the Grassroots.

THAT is what Adam is talking about when he says the RP campaign and CforL are really not BOTTOM UP directed from the grassroots. Sure they love what we do, and they accept it like a gift from us, but TAKE DIRECTION? No way.

And as far as the RP campaign goes, I think Jesse Benton did exactly what Ron Paul wanted.

And Ron Paul's decion back a long time ago to appologize for the "racist newsletters" --- like a lie that won't go away -- like toilet paper stuck to your shoe -- was the WRONG thing to do.

Ron Paul made back then the strategic decision to not fight the PC of race ... TNR won the PC battles and he was already the lone voice on so many other battles. Pick your battles as they say.

But the fact is, this was the Romney trump card that they threatened to BLOW UP ALL OVER THE MEDIA during the campaign.

It was astounding Ron Paul's complete in ability to deal with this issue, especially since he knew going into 2012 what happened in 2008. Liberty loving "friends" such as the gay boys over at Reason Mag and CATO where already 1980's sell outs to the Political Correctness movement. They had long since adapted vague PC notions of what is racist and what is not. Sean Hanity in 2012 gave the issue 3 hours of rhetorical questions like "How can one defend such horrible statements?" as if there was no way to do so. He had seen his son, the newbie senator Rand Paul get chewed up on Rachael Maddow by trying to suggest the 64 civil rights act was not perfect for it abridged private property rights and this causes problems down the line... yet BAM! Noone will here it, no one will listen to such nuances and instead, act as if they just lifted the hood off a clansman. Oh the horror! And then EVERYTHING you say after that is "suspect".

With few friends like that, fighting the PC that AMerica is now up to its eyeballs in, is a lost cause.

Ron Paul did the best he could with the cards he had.

Romney and company played the Racist Card and the Paul campaign did not go after Romney. Ron got to advance his message, and Romney never felt Paul's sting. Sure, Santorum and Newt felt it, but Romney got off untouched.

Benton should write a book one day. I am sure he did exactly what Ron Paul wanted.

And as far as the way the Ron Paul campaign shut down.... it went away like all campaigns do... BUT THE GRASSROOTS DID NOT. And that is the Goood Thing.

Invading the 2-party duopoly is the only way to go for now. As Ron Paul Republicans and as Jefferson Democrats. We should have fun doing it too. Getting access to their voter database of names is key. Then we begin by picking off liberty leaning voters that they did not know they had. We will soon speak the double-speak of Liberty inside each party. How will we know we have won? When a Jeffeson Democrat goes up against a Ron Paul Republican. That is victory. That is how Liberty wins. And that is how the War Party has been winning for 40 years, getting BOTH D vs R to be a PRO WAR candidate. War wins.

Well two can play that game.

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