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Comment: That's the whole purpose of this, to mobilized votes in large

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That's the whole purpose of this, to mobilized votes in large

numbers for liberty-minded candidates. The voters are being encouraged to "do something new" and not continue to stay with the same, old, way, which leads to their betrayal. 95% of the effort is here.

Simultaneously, voters will be encouraged to Write-In Ron Paul in the states where this is counted. All efforts thus far, though, have been on preparing for supporting and funding liberty-minded candidates.

There are huge numbers of such ethnic populations, who we should mobilize for future campaigns. They are all amenable to the liberty candidates. Think of the Polish and Indonesian communities, who are already fans. We should find a way to mobilize all North African and Middle Eastern communities, even if it is done in grassroots way.

It is all for the taking. We have the candidates. Let's increase the numbers of our votes dramatically by working with the cultural populations.