Comment: "Those who control their tongue will have a long life"

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"Those who control their tongue will have a long life"

To Michael:

What you have been doing is greatly appreciated and I admire your humble and balanced approach to haters and trolls. I wanted to share something and hopefully it will be encouraging to you.

People feel secure under the protection and uniting force of an idol. Always have. Ron Paul understands that and has put an enormous effort to avoid becoming one.

And although Dr. Paul did not ever project himself as an idol, many people accepted him as such. Why? Because they are afraid of taking personal responsibility as individuals who have well defined character and feel comfortable in their own self. What is in a picture and is this discussion even worth the bits and the time? I'd say no.

You cannot really stop haters from hating and trolls from trolling. I would like to encourage you to continue what You, Sir, have been doing.

To all the haters and trolls - your negativity brings nothing but bad effect on your own bodies. Take care of yourself, stop spewing hatred and/or lies, it is healthy and good for you.