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As someone who has moved to

As someone who has moved to Asia already, I should probably comment.

It's not for everyone. Coming here as an employee is not a good idea unless you would be senior management or above. If you don't have top shelf skills and a strong work ethic, don't even think about it. Most places work 6 days a week and respected managers work 7 most of the time. You also need to be part of a group that knows what it's doing, or have enough money to hire good people who do. If a white guy goes to less developed parts of Asia on his own, he is going to run into scams and worse.

There is massive opportunity here. You can make a small fortune by just translating decade old American practices. National companies can be built in a decade. Millions can be made, but living conditions are not what they are in the US and Europe. You need to be adaptable and able to, if not ignore, at least look past some really scummy things.

If you do it, my advice is to more or less live at the office until you retire early.

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