Comment: You beat me to it. Noone I am

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You beat me to it. Noone I am

You beat me to it.

Noone I am aware of on "our" side, is better speaker, a better debater, and an all around more unassailable guy than Tom Woods. I had no idea he was a former "Mainstream GOP'er." Which, as he says, makes him even more likely to be listened to by the ever growing share of GOP voters who are feeling uneasy, but are still kept in the fold out of fear of the "communists" in the DNC, and the "anarchists" on our side.

Debating pretty much any issue I can think of, I cannot think of any politician, talk show host nor journalist who wouldn't be ran circles around and treated like a ping-pong ball by Woods.

With Napolitano backing him up on technical constitutional legal issues, I cannot think of a better dream team for constitutionally minded voters.

Corollary: Ron needs to make it clear quickly if he'll be running in 2016. If he is not, someone needs to take his place. GJ seems to have fizzled out. Rand doesn't seem to inspire trust the way his father did. Ventura is a wrestler, with questionable liberty credentials. Kokesh is too young. Etc., etc. But Woods/Napolitano; talk about dynamite!