Comment: Very Graceful, I should think . . on the front page

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Very Graceful, I should think . . on the front page

I didn't know that Adam had identified with anarchists. This is interesting, thanks. (I found a video where he said that.)

Btw, I disagree completely with your opinion that Adam shouldn't have his say or that this discussion shouldn't be anywhere the website owner wants it to be. Adam said some very interesting things. I'm glad he didn't dance . . .

My own political journey started from having no opinion whatsoever, to anti-tax Republicanism, to far right Rush Limbaugh Neoconism, then back to the constitution thanks to Dr Paul. I even voted for GW twice before I came back to my senses.

Years ago I thought of the two party left-right system as a false paradigm. The actual political spectrum spans from Totalitarianism on (say) the left, to Anarchy (then) on the right. I've always imagined the constitution as being somewhere in the center. Both political parties have been moving towards totalitarianism along different paths, for years. Friends (Born Again Christians actually) pushed me further towards totalitarianism than I was comfortable with. I was really happy to find a group of people pushing back, towards the constitution.

I'd imagine that if Adam has become disillusioned with a few people in the Ron Paul movement, he may be exploring, comparing his views with others. I haven't heard him say he'd throw out the constitution yet, so he's not far away from us - unless you can prove differently.

I don't understand the CFL banning him. It's no wonder he's disillusioned. A top down liberty organization is the exact opposite of this movement as I understand it.