Comment: I have traveled to Hefei,

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I have traveled to Hefei,

I have traveled to Hefei, China 3 times because I married a Chinese from there. I might have seen one other foreigner in that city of 3-6 million (small for China). For my interests I enjoyed myself. The restaurants were about half as expensive as America and the technology noticeably improved from even 3 years ago on my first visit. They are more advanced than America in many ways. High speed rails, air conditioning was quieter and quicker, water boilers were faster, buildings newer, everyone has i-phones and knock off brands. Infrastructure in general was better. Also, I played basketball with people at the college. In America I couldn't find people to play so I just shoot by myself, but I had a lot of fun in China. I speak only a bare minimum and I have only studied about a year of Mandarin so I have a ways to go before I know the language but since my wife speaks as her native language I am fine. So we are opening an account in China and I am trying to develop ideas for finding a calling over there. I am not ready to move over there yet, but Asia has this optimistic feel about it whereas when I come back to America everything looks old, people seem defeated, and the energy isn't there. I just couldn't help but wonder how China has done so well. Thousands of years of relative stability and the central planning they do is effective because the people know how to deal with the bureaucracies and the government seems to be quite effective at planning as opposed to our system. Interesting to see. Of course there were not enough taxis over there and it was really annoying because the government for some reason wouldn't allow more taxis, but the last time I can back that problem was solved. The people work hard over there and are content working under what Americans would consider bad conditions. We would whine about it but they seem thankful and smiling just to have a job.