Comment: Death Threat by establishment

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Death Threat by establishment

Death Threat by establishment on ron paul or family members is what killed the ron paul campaign. The only folks that self-imploded the ron paul campaign is the ron paul campaign. If i had to put a timeline on it. I would say somewhere around alaska,dakotas,NE,OK,CO,LA conventions.

obviously ron paul is not going to say it was death threats but make up other silly reasons.

The Ron Paul Campaign sank the ron paul campaign. They can say whatever they like, but i say death threats is why ron paul stopped playing the game during conventions.

The ron paul campaign ended the ron paul campaign and it can be proven in writing by the campaign itself through ron paul,benton and tate. In it to win it my ass, There was a IN IT TO WIN IT,until the establishment told them otherwise.

do not get me wrong i cannot judge someone's actions if their family is being threatened. Right around NE conventions the campaign's reaction or non reaction to flatout obvious corruption at state and national conventions just smells of outright corruption aka death threats against him or family. doesn't make sense how the rp campaign reacted to this corruption unless.

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