Comment: Kokesh is a "TOOL"

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Kokesh is a "TOOL"

Go watch his "orgasm video" on his YouTube channel.

I usually do not believe in banning a person, but he should be banned from any serious RP or Liberty discussion board -- he is self-destructive.

There is no-need to bash Doctor "No" to make your point or to garner more hits on your videos.

I do not believe in voting or lobbying (as a means to gain liberty) -- as means to push public conversation and debate? sure!! But not as a means to "earn" a free-society; it's not logical.

That being said I would NEVER confuse RP's attempts to educate with any serious attempt to "win" the presidential election -- I've been saying this since 2007; "he's not there to 'win' he's the to broaden the conversation" and in that regard "we" have been successful.