Comment: I educated myself about USAID a couple years ago

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I educated myself about USAID a couple years ago

but like someone else's so outragous and so clearly corrupt that trying to explain it to a typical American will get you that cross-eyed, glazed over look as if you are some kind of kook.

Probably similar to the way my face looks when someone proclaims that 9/11 truth is all a bogus conspiracy because there is just NO WAY our benevolent Government would allow their own citizens to die just to forward an agenda.

I have done a lot of USAID research and it seems to have gone on for so long and there has been so much participation by so many well known public officials that everyone is now blackmailing everyone else.

A lot of people are in way too deep and there is no way out. Israel sure does seem to be at the wrong place at the wrong time on a regular basis. Saudi Arabia and the MIC also have reocurring "special guest roles".

Since Obama took office Turkey, Somlia, The Sudan, and Kenya have all started popping up more than I'm used to seeing. That may mean nothing...its just something I've noticed.