Comment: when I started getting 4-page, two-sided letters...

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when I started getting 4-page, two-sided letters... the mail from them, in old typewriter font, I KNEW they were no better than the right-wing K-street lobbyists who suck money from unsuspecting conservatives promising to end abortion and homosexuality.

Go talk to people face to face; uphold our MORAL VALUES of old person to person, and "add virtue and excellence" to this society everywhere you can - we cannot BUY an election; we can however buy plenty of bread and circuses for people who don't want to do more work than blow money on airfare/hotels to follow Ron Paul around the country, only to get whipped up in the emotion of a moment!

The founders had correspondance committees, not LOBBYISTS! The selfish politicians don't give a rip, but they'll take the free lunch and tell you they do!