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Comment: Now I understand this puke a little better

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Now I understand this puke a little better

Here I thought it was an opportunistic moment yet, it appears that he had a major dose of RNC Koolaid in 2010, and then went on to nuke Ron Paul's campaign in 2012.

Question is, was he planning to nuke the campaign before 2012, already working for the RNC?

And I know enough inside story about how the campaign was run to know that there is a lot of evidence of pure sabotage.

Yes, I said it. And I know only the tip of the iceberg. A lot of grassroots people had to contend with the campaign and they too are "soul searching " - and no doubt getting better results at actually finding one than Benton did - and they too will come to the conclusion that it was not lack of experience at work here, it was intentional.

After all, if, given the way the campaign was run, there is NO reason at all to hire Benton. If the campaign was truly 100 percent honest, then it was very horribly run and poorly organized and therefore nobody in their right mind should hire Benton.

Unless, it was all intentional, and if it was, then Benton did a splendid job in desroying the RP 2012 campaign and the insiders of the RNC know this.