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I'd wait until the SHTF happens before getting involved with

politics...and even then I'm not covinced you (or anyone else) could make much of a difference. If you keep going down the rabbit hole you will eventually become an Anarchist. Anyone that takes the time to research the orgins of government along with the history of money and banking will come to realize that not only do we not need rulers, its unnatural and creates violence.

Yes we need rules and regulations and yes there will always be evil people in this world. But the very worst thing we can do is to create an illusionary it "government" and then populate this abstract concept of "government" with 1% of the people and give them a legal monopoly on the use of violence and put them in charge of creating "laws" for the 99% but exclude themselves from those very same laws.

Give this special group a monopoly on the control of money and credit and the 1% will enslave the 99%.

One reason that many people stop digging for the truth is because it is impossible to educate yourself about the orgins of government without having to deal with some very uncomfortable realities regarding religion.

I hit that wall for well over a year and would just shut down and say NO...I refuse to read any more about it! But, I kept hitting that wall and one day...I decided to knock it down. It wasn't easy for me, my wife, or my daughter since we had always been involved in a very cool, laid back Church. But, what I thought would be a never ending troubling experience...only actually lasted about 6 months.

If you want to learn about what is real and what is an illusion a great place to start is

Stefan Molyneux has over 2000 podcasts on everything under the sun. It will really open your mind and help you think. He's fun to listen to and he makes so much sense!

Good luck in whatever you decide,