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Benton,All this shows is

All this shows is that you do not understand Liberty. What about his votes to support the Patriot acts, NDAA etc. Sorry but you are dead wrong. I gave over 12,000.00 in the 2008 campaign between me, my wife and Son, and My brothers. I also gave money with chipins etc.

In the 2012 election cycle I gave maybe 250.00. Especially when I saw that after Iowa and New Hampshire it was the same old crap. Don't bother to get a recount or fight for what was right. YOU know as well I I know that it was voter fraud and you, the head of the campaign would not FIGHT. You would not go after Romney or his Record. If you being the so called great campaign manager would stood your ground and called BULLSHIT like you should have I would have donated to the max again, because then I would have known you were in it to win it at all costs. I don't care what Romney would have tried to stick to Ron at least we would have gone down fighting instead of like a bunch of wussies. Now you are going to head some neocons reelection. Some douche who voted for the bank bailouts and the most ANTI LIBERTY LEGISLATION TO EVER COME INTO EXISTENCE. PATHETIC.
You can not explain yourself away on this one. The most beatable douche running in a Republican primary, the one with most dirt and skeletons in his closet and YOU couldn't get the job done. PATHETIC.