Comment: I am embarassed to report that early this year when I

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I am embarassed to report that early this year when I

called the Campaign For Liberty when i first got interested in Ron Paul, I knew he would not win.

The reason I knew was what happened to me on that day on the telephone and the internet.

I knew right away there was no PR or marketing manager.
I knew the website was non-functional for sending emails from campaigners to the campaign. The email DID NOT WORK!

i knew when I called on the phone the people were rude.
I knew this was not a well-oiled machine.

I knew Romney would win if for no other reason than he would put together a well-oiled machine. Systems that work. Marketing systems, campaign systems and communication and recruitment systems.

I was always hoping but I knew and the reason I knew is I have worked with Fortune 50s to Fortune nothings and I can tell the diff.

Ron Paul is a Fortune 10 guy with no desire to put together a functioning business model.

ok vote me down now. And lest you think I am not for Ron Paul, I am. I am just sad.