Comment: +1 for reporting your experience on RP's losing campaign

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+1 for reporting your experience on RP's losing campaign

Thanks for the comment, Karen. I didn't notice those half baked aspects of RP's campaign, but I believe you.

My experience with the campaign was OK. I e-mailed campaign people who replied to my e-mails timely, answered my questions and referred me to someone who would know what I was looking for when that person didn't. The only problem I had is a quibble.

I talked to a couple people on the telephone. One man wasn't rude but was curt, as in short and not offering where I could turn to until I pried answers out of him. Other than that, I had a good experience, but from afar, from reading about RP's campaign and understanding how things in politics work, I kept on thinking, RP is campaigning to loose.

As I said above, however, I thought a miracle would happen. Nope. No such thing. Yes, I'm disappointed in RP, but when I think about that disappointment and how the world works, I'm glad he ran.

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