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OP : thanks for sharing

OP :

thanks for sharing this... But also, bravo :

I started to choke when I saw that your post title wasn't for exageration or provoking ...

But ACTUALLY a quote of this improbable "article".

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ??!!!

"one of USA's greatest visionaries"

W H A A A A A T ???!!!!

Okay, so, now, in this new English language 2012(tm), when I'll mean to say "hell, no" I'll have to utter "oh, yeah !!!", and instead of "that sucks" that'll be "wow, a breakthrough for mankind !",

etc, etc.

A visionary.

Really ?

I still can't quite imagine what terrible sort of drug the author of the article was on...

But that was a freaking powerful one, that is for sure.

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