Comment: I have always and will always trust Ron Paul

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I have always and will always trust Ron Paul

But I felt from the start of this 2012 campaign that Benton had no business being in the position that Ron trusted him in. But then who else could Ron trust that had run a campaign? I think that when Doug was introduced, he should have filled the position Benton held. But that's me.
Ron Paul has a heart of gold and his only fault is that he is a little too trusting sometimes and puts the wrong people into the wrong positions. I have that fault myself I guess, and so can sympathize with Ron when it comes to this problem.
I will always trust Ron Paul to stand for what I believe to be right as far as the constitution, the republic, and liberty are concerned.
Now if we just would have had people we trusted running the campaign or at least if the campaign would have been more willing to work with people we do trust, things may have turned out the way we all wanted them to.