Comment: Every time this man is like a knife of TRUTH.

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Every time this man is like a knife of TRUTH.

Thank you for providing this. I shared with others (to my audience) by posting the following partial transcript and commentary.


Some excerpts. Then watch the short clip below.

Lou Dobbs: "It is really a peculiar moment, to say the least, to hear the spokesman for the President, to say 'This is about a movie, and has nothing to do with U.S. policies or this administration."

Michael Scheuer: "Well, Lou, the [our] country is out of control. We're out of control economically, but in the Middle East, we have been out of control for 15 years. We have not had an enemy in the world that has been so clear about what motivates them, since we fought Ho Chi Mihn and General Giap. This is all about American intervention in the Middle East... "

Scheuer goes on to say:

..."This should be clear: Americans are not hated in the Muslim world as a people. But theirgovernment, under either party, is detested."

"The Arab Spring was never about democracy. It was entirely a construction in Mrs. Clinton's and the Media's mind...and it never really existed as it was described."

"Mrs. Clinton may know a little more about the Middle East than Jay Karney, but not much, Lou. Mrs. Clinton has blood on her hands, everywhere. They stuck the Ambassador and his team, into a city without guards, in a city [Benghazi] that provided more suicide bombers to Iraq, than any other country [city] except [outside of] Saudi Arabia."


Truly, under either administration or political party, American foreign policy is broken and a disgrace to the world, and an insult and an endangerment to our troops. Time for a change!

And here is the short interview. Please watch here:

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Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.