Comment: Why was Ambassador Stevens killed in Libya?

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Why was Ambassador Stevens killed in Libya?

Here is a letter to a website from a former US field officer with a government agency who spent 17 years in the foreign service and is familiar with the security protocols. First an excerpt:

"Were I the State Department Director of Security I would have some very serious questions regarding this, particularly since the Department of Security "war games" and trains their security personnel precisely for situations such as Libya.

Something stinks in Denmark, as the saying goes."

This confirms what many have conjectured. It was arranged for the purposes of provocation. What Michael Scheuer said in effect was that to send him into that city without any protection was to send him to his death. So first send him there without protection then release the anti-Islam movie trailer dubbed in Arabic and wait for the explosion.

The actions of the US government and the developments in the political arena in the next few days will tell us why they have sacrificed Christopher Stevens in this way and who is responsible, on the basis of cui bono?

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