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I JOINED the Ron Paul rEVOLution and am very happy there, so much so, I don't need a Liberty Movement.. I have never claimed to create any Liberty movement, I have made issue with the Liberty movement as being a detractor to give those under MSM unfluence that HATE the GOP an EXCUSE/ESCAPE to NOT do what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do.

By all means do what you want, but don't blame Ron Paul RepubliCANs for your failed ventures. Ron Paul rEVOLution is in the GOP, Liberty Movement is against the GOP.

What did I do to you? What post did I make to you that made you feel stupid and ignorant?

I don't think most here are stupid or ignorant, I think too many here are under the influence of MSM and why the are too AFRAID to even go to one central committee meeting to see for themseves WTF it is. Have you gone? Don't you want to see the truth? And if you don't.. well, that is ignorant for it's chosing to NOT know the truth when you've been invited. Eh?