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Oh my, my, my

The Granger, I have been weary and skeptical of you and your posts since I began reading the Daily Paul. Your defense and attempted justification of feemasonry has always bothered me dearly. You have always been a Romney pusher here, though subtle and hidden at first, its now full blown and your true colors show. Why do you come here and try to convince Ron paul supporters to vote Romney? Its not gonna happen. Does the fact Goldman Sachs fund both Romney and Obama not set a red flag blatantly before your eyes? You really think the powers that be prefer Obama? They care less, either way its their puppet in power. If anything they prefer Romney gets the presidency so Ron Paul republicans will have to wait another 8-12 years before getting another shot at this. You think we will stay growing and organized for that long? We need 2016 as our next window of oppurtunity. How can you vote the "lesser of two evils" when both options are equally satanic figureheads? Where is your mind Granger? How do you go from only voting third party to suddenly being an establishment insider who acts like a Ron Paul supporter on the surface? I want you to know I am a city committe member in my state. I am a precinct captain:) and I am propsing the exact opposite of what you state, I urge everyone to vote Gary Johnson or write in Ronald Ernest Paul if your state counts write ins. I will be voting for Johnson in my state. In fact I just had committe meeting this week, where I wore a Ron Paul for president 2012 shirt, much to the dismay and disgust of the greasy haired and balding fat men in the room, but much to the delight of our fellow Ron Paul republicans who complimented on my shirt;) There is no justification for abandoning principles now, none. I will never bow to the establishment and support or vote for the chosen puppets. No matter what is thrown at me, no bribes, whether favors or monetary will sway my conscience. I am doing this for the Lord, our God. The devil has placed advesaries before me but faith will not let them triumph over me. I am here to stay in this party, no matter how corrupt or vile some of these men or women may be, someone has to shine the light on the darkness. The constitution and liberty will be defended and fought for and I urge all to get on committe and get involved. Never back down on pricnciple, do not do the foolish thing and fall for the likes of The Granger types. We seek peace and prosperity for this country and the world. Never give up the good fight, the luciferian NWO is at hand and we must stop this atrocity now. I pray for all of you, may God give us wisdom and the will to carry on in these dark times. Gods law is the law of liberty, the perfect law. May we prevail, in Jesus' name. Amen.