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and some doctors?

“Who uses the power they steal to make their power to steal more powerful?”

Let’s see, 9 months ago I did not know the answer to that question. Since someone named Joe Kelley has helped me, I now understand that some real criminals steal power, but the precise kind that make it their business to steal power from every individual possible to make themselves more powerful are called Legal Criminals.
I guess either the lawyers will win or the bankers will win.

Some Bankers: The old lady across the street that had her home for 17 years let it go back to the bank because she could not sell it for the balance of her loan when she retired. The lady was a cook at the local hospital, retired, and went to Arizona and she might have as well of had rented for the last 17 years. Who made money? The bank because they got 17 year’s-worth of mostly interest as well as a house to sell. How much power would be available if people did not have to pay for their homes 3 times? What else could they purchase with those other 2 houses worth of money? But a house is supposed to be a “good” investment…right? I suppose it might be if you pay cash for it and it raises in value.

Let’s see, I have a lawyer story…I got burned during surgery. No one said a word to me about it, until the med student came to check under my bandages for the purpose of seeing it. He made a comment that the tools get a little warm. Seems the coterie arced to a clamp and burned me or should I say branded my chest. First of all it was humiliating. Second of all, when I went back to the doc that was supposed to have performed the surgery…the burn was not documented in the records. The nurse seemed quite alarmed, measured it and documented and contacted the doc. To make a too long story short, after contacting a lawyer who started asking questions, someone at the hospital proceeded to lie about it such that the hospital records were falsified to say I had a pre existing “blister.” Joe, this wasn’t just a little burn it was a 3rd degree burn. Who won? The hospital and the doctors. I should have gone to a high powered injury lawyer, but I wasn’t out for money. I just wanted the situation acknowledged and made right. How about just an apology from the doc who I don’t even think was present during the surgery. She was not in her scrubs when she saw me before the surgery. She signed her name my body parts to be removed and departed. I think the intern and the med student did the surgery. I figure the med student had something to do with the burn since he is the one who stopped in the afternoon of my surgery to take a peek while I was still groggy. Additionally I didn’t even know anyone was going to do the surgery besides my female Dr, so I was surprised when the 2 young male doc wannabes showed up. I suppose I should have put my foot down and said I didn’t want a med student and an intern present. Perhaps I should have asked for a video of my surgery, but just now thought of it. Anyways I was in no shape mentally, physically or emotionally to fight and defend myself after having 3 surgeries and chemo in less than a year, so the time limit ran out and I never pushed to get a new lawyer. I am not worried about it…just letting you know, I have my own lawyer story. At least there wasn’t a bank involved…just doctors and lawyers, and probably some money too.

I would imagine your wife does not enjoy seeing all the workings of people not being able to afford their homes. I would imagine her work is much more enjoyable when the economy is good and people are moving up and around instead of down and out.

What is going on in Hinkley? I think you may have told me but I cannot remember.
“Sure, sure, I get it, a child of mine aught to be forced by me to stop running into busy streets, but do I have to tell them not to look at the sun?
Who is telling them to provide the means by which we suffer?
I don't teach stupid to my kids, they, and I, can manage all the stupid anyone else can manage all on their own, they, and I, don't need help being stupider.
So who is claiming that Man has authority over other Men, to save the children, no less?
Not me.”

I am not following what you are meaning. I cannot understand your words. Does the shoe fit me? Who does that shoe fit? Why are you talking about being stupid? Who ever knows they are supposed to look outside the box? Now, I am wanting to use the word conditioned, but I seem to remember you telling me not to use a positive word for a negative meaning so I think maybe I will use the word deceived instead. Legal Criminals make it their purpose to paint an illusion to deceive and one does not know they are looking at a masterpiece instead of real life until they get close enough to see the brush strokes. But still being close enough to see the brush strokes…how do you opt out of the Legal Criminal conceived masterpiece?
“Which can be done first?
Can I stop paying Federal Income Tax first, or should I set a few people free first, so how do I do that, exactly, today?”

When I say True Trial by Jury, I mean the kind that says the Jurors can annul the laws that enforce those 3 things: Fed, IRS, Despotic War.

“Ron Paul hasn't thought this out?
I have not thought this out?
You are just now thinking this out?”

This is reminding me of the time you saw truckloads of cash on pallets and what you saw was what that cash could do while I was focused on the fact that it was said the cash didn’t belong to the American tax payer.

Me: "What will happen if we End the Fed, End the IRS, and Bring the Troops home, but do not have True Trial by Jury?"
You: “I think the answer is no such thing can happen, but which Trial by Jury do YOU have in mind?
Actual Trial by Jury or Counterfeit Trial by Jury?”

I said “True” Trial by Jury in my statement. When I say the word true, I am meaning the kind that Spooner says Magna Carta speaks of. So the answer is Actual Trial by Jury. Actual Trial by Jury where the Jurors have the power to nullify laws, set punishment, ask the questions, and acquit the defendant if they so choose.

But looking at those truckloads of $100 bills on pallets in the desert, I am seeing the “magic checkbook” now that you have brought it to my attention. So we must cut the money power supply before Actual Trial by Jury will be accomplished? The fine beam of focus in the money and it is directed on the Fed. Is the Fed easier to overcome the Jury system? Can you talk to me about that some more so I can understand better. I am not arguing, I am wanting to understand why, how so I will understand. So I will have another piece of the puzzle put in the right place instead of trying to put the wrong one in.

The thing I find crazy is that you talked to me about trial by Jury Early on and it is just now a light bulb for me. Why does it take me so long to understand?
Me: "Is Liberty based on competitive money alone or must we have competitive law as well?"
You: “You see, but you may not see fully yet, and the POWER is a FORCE and the FORCE is a total sum of decisions made by many individuals who choose better from worse, and that FORCE has been called "The Free Market" or "The Invisible hand" or any False Front used by anyone, to hold a THING for accountability for that which individual people do on the own volition IN Liberty.”

I am making the mistake of saying Liberty is based on a thing instead of the volition of individuals. Yes, I see that. I may forget it again though. Bad habits and thought patterns are hard to break? They seem to be when it comes to bear.
“What will stupid people not believe, and some people take you to task for believing in Jesus?”

What do those words mean?

“I know, in a relative sense, that I am very stupid, almost as stupid as the stupidest living being alive today, and the difference between how smart I am, on a scale from stupidest to smartest, is irrelevant when compared to the fact that either we, as a species, sink, or swim, in my life time, and I may be able to help swim, not sink.”

Nope, not relatively stupid - Look:

“Competition is in a power struggle against Monopoly, and if Monopoly wins, then everyone will be cutting each others throats until there are two people left, and one will eat the other.”

Pretty smart if you ask me: “Competition vs. Monopoly.” Who else is saying that to me? You are also able to recognize a book when you are writing one. I can’t even see one when I am reading it. Who else is smart enough to spend time on some one with as little power as me and see hope? And now I can take baby steps in the right direction in my language and action. One plus one = two, you forget that I have 3 more with me? 1+4 = 5? Ah, you have 3 more with you? 4+4 = 8: the K’s+F’s. Ron Paul plus many Friends of Liberty traveling in the direction away from the masterpiece illusion painted by the Legal Monopoly Criminals to a place of Competition and Liberty. Slowly but surely. But it seems now with Tampa being behind us perhaps the lying stealing and cheating has moved to the DP? There seem to be many different voices calling for followers. How is one to know who is not a wolf and who to believe?