Comment: What a sell out!

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What a sell out!

I vote libertarian, doesn't matter which party they are affiliated with.

I would have voted Ron Paul but now i'll vote Gary Johnson because I want my vote to be counted and I want to see how much libertarian support is out there. I want my voice heard. It's a matter of principle. Do not sell out to these Neo-cons sheople!

Rand Paul sold himself to the devil. He was supporting his dad until his Romney endorsement. I don't even know what it will be like at Thanksgiving dinner, i'm sure there will be lots of tension. He betrayed not only his own principles and his supporters but his own dad!

You saw how the Romney people treated Ron Paul supporters in the caucuses, primaries, and the RNC and cheated their way with the delegates. Republicans in general alienated and mistreated Ron Paul supporters so there is no way that you can convince us to vote for your man.