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Problem is, you defending

Problem is, you defending your wealth with your popgun, is no match whatsoever for a professionally trained thugband with more relevant weaponry.

What you allude to can work, but people need to gang up and protect each others wealth. not just sit there and let the thugs confront one at a time.

To be effective, "Drawing the line in the sand" needs to be an external event that many, many people agree upon is tantamount to crossing it. At which point, they/we all agree military action against the regime is the last/only/best way forward. At which time everyone simultaneously starts exterminating all representatives and supporters of, and probably sympathizers for, the regime. Basically some permutation on what what Koernke talked about when he mentioned seeing two cops, wait until they have the backs to you, kill them, take their weapons and use those to repeat. Until they are all gone.

There are enough people in the US to easily accomplish that, if the will is there. Which it does not seem to be. So instead, you have a bunch of talkers yakking about "when they come to my door, they'll have to prey it from my cold, dead hands, blah, blah". As if that's some sort of problem for a professional, well armed cleptocracy, as long as that same tough talking guy sits at home, fat and flatfooted, while the thugs, on the way to his house, casually guns down his neighbor and preys whatever he once owned from his cold, dead hands.