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But What If...

"But what if Ron Paul was in fact in complete good faith to put his trust in the guy"?

That's a fair question - and knowing what I do of the Doctor's character, I could ALMOST give him a pass on Jesse Benton and the entire leadership staff of his campaign until I asked myself a series of honest questions:

"Was Dr. Paul really serious about winning the Presidency, or was this just the second part of an effort to effect change within the two-party system"?

"If this was a serious run, why did he quit during May-June...and if the active campaign for the primaries was over, why did he continue to fund raise? Was this a CFL judgement call? That's Jesse and the leadership, isn't it"?

"If this was a serious run, why did the campaign not fight for its principles on the convention floor instead of letting the GOP make a mockery of the process and changing the rules to prevent future candidates like Ron Paul from building difficult-to-control grassroots movements"?

If we're honest with ourselves, Dr. Paul picked his campaign team, right...or was he an absentee candidate who was too busy with being a Presidential candidate to be concerned with the daily details of how the campaign(s) were being run (in 2008 and 2012)? I believe we all know better than that...and that, my friend, brings us back to sowing and reaping.

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