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Thank you.

I don't disagree with what you've said, and appreciate your kind words.

What I worry about is that people believe MSM, and think the GOP is a full party. It's a very empty shell and why they had to lie, steal and cheat with the help of MSM to do what they have done.

Two people is not a quorum.. they had no choice but to lie and cheat.. and they are desperate because, like many of us, they fear a NWO and they saw Ron Paul as part of the NWO.. now they don't. What they saw at the convention has many of those in power very concerned, "If they can do that to Maine, Virginia, and Iowa, they can do it to us, and we don't want that!" So unity is forming and it's all based on Ron Paul's message: Restore America to constitutional government.

Thank you for all your posts and dedication to educating us on DP!