Comment: Go watch his drug-induced orgasm video on his

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Go watch his drug-induced orgasm video on his

YouTube page -- that should be enough.

Also -- his Nazy-Pope posters he used on a private webpage he was using to promote his "side-business" WHILE running for Santa Fe Senate seat.

How about "why" he got kicked off of RT -- of all places; that'd be like getting kicked off Alex Jones for being "too much" of a conspiracy-nut, hahahaha.

He did all of this while "benefiting" (his whole career made-by) a RP endorsement.

I don't "really" want him "banned" but he's close to earning one, if anyone is.

That makes him a role model -- that's why Doctor Paul "benched" him.

I call, all of that and more (not wanting to further enumerate), "self-destructive" -- when you had-it-all and through-it-all-away.

No HE DID not throw it away owing to a sense of integrity, come on.

He probably has sever PTSD and is also a history of bad-decision making.

I've counselled 1st Responders and Military Personnel through PTSD and he probably has minor PTSD issues that have gone un-treated.

His YouTube page shows him self-medicating and this is always dangerous; unless you are a research scientist and have colleagues co-monitoring you.