Comment: The answer seems so obvious

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The answer seems so obvious

It seems to me that we need to debate a couple 'givens' first, even though I see no arguments against them. As I see them, they are:

Women get pregnant and don't want to carry to term for one of two reasons. Either accident/neglect or rape. In either case, the cause should have no bearing on the result. We are debating the legality (not the morality) of ending the fetus' existence after the fact. Morally, a vast majority would agree it's a less-than-perfect solution and wouldn't be used if a better choice was presented.

Every law enacted serves only as an incentive to said behavior and if saving children is the goal, the laws cannot do more than alter those incentives.

With any activity being prohibited, as long as there is a market, an underground black market industry will emerge.

Black markets increase related crime and costs and involve zero regulation, control, accountability and in this case, health concern for the mother.

Personal incentive is a much stronger, faster and more 'free-market' solution since it involves prevention, not after-the-fact discipline.

The government has the right to enforce laws restricting murder and that application is predicated on how a given abortion or the entire practice is labeled.

In a free market, people have the right to privacy of their own bodies which ultimately leads to a woman's right to birth control.

There is a social rift between many groups on where to differentiate birth control from murder. Where this line is drawn determines the application we will choose to apply the law. This line ranges from preventing menstruation all thee way to pre-birth abortions.

There is an underserved market for adoption due to regulation and cost, all imposed by government.

Enough of the givens. Now for the proposal. Since the debate ultimately comes down to where to draw the line and everything else is superfluous, I propose a free market solution. If we agree with the above givens, then we need to incentivize adoption over abortion. Let's promote a free market adoption system that eliminates the red tape and the cost for a couple to adopt these children. With an easier system and a price that is set by the market, we can once again let the morals of society influence who puts their baby up for adoption and who can afford to pay for one. We can ensure the health of everyone involved and we can eliminate all the crime that would otherwise be injected into the mix. The result from this is that the least numbers of babies would be aborted of any proposed system yet, the women would decide what to do based on the convenience and shame of abortion vs. the payout (financially and emotionally) of giving a loving, needy couple a child of their own. With those incentives, social morals can influence the actions without government intervention.