Comment: well this is all quite silly

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well this is all quite silly

and seemingly indistinguishable from:
(particularly this part)

There are about 2 gigantic/impossible assumptions or complete fabrications made every 12 seconds for this yarn to progress. This is a great example of "I read it once somewhere, run with it!".

My favorite so far is about 14 minutes in: the claim that intervalled every 13k years a magnetic pole shift has flipped the rotational axis of the Earth within 24 hours, which lots of evidence shows has never happened on Earth. It's a laughable mixture of the concepts of the pole shift hypothesis, true polar wander, and geomagnetic reversal.

I don't have time to refute everything, but the 100th monkey phenomenon was also referenced, and is thoroughly refuted here. (And if this alleged Britain-Australian faces experiment happened, I can't find it anywhere)

Anyone deciding to watch this, please know between most and all of what it says has been shown to be false or fake.

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