Comment: Ron Paul can still win

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Ron Paul can still win

It is still possible to get Ron Paul or Gary Johnson in the White House.

Method: Throw the election of the President to the House and let the die roll on January 3, 2013.

Why: It is the only practical way left now to get Ron Paul in the White House.

How: By denying both Obama and Romney a clear majority of 270+ Electoral College Votes (ECV) on November 6.

Process: Help RP win IA, ME, MN, AK and NH with a “severe” write-in campaign. Total of 27 ECVs. Help Johnson win NM, NV and CO (another 20 ECVs.)

Details: Ignoring the fact that Virgil Goode is a dark horse in VA with the possibility of winning the state, if all "other" candidates win 40 ECVs and Romney and Obama are nearly matched, they each get an average of 249 (Half of 538-40) ECVs in December and the House gets the burden of selecting the new president from the top three ECV candidates. Paul or Johnson will be number three along with Obama and Romney. Also 24 states impose no penalty on the Electors voting their conscience, and not their mandate so it is possible that someone from other states like TX or MN will place a vote for RP.

The House votes by state and 26 states will need to be won to select the President. It is unlikely that Obama and Romney will cede any territory to each other publicly so there is a chance that Ron Paul can eke out a victory by the March 3rd deadline before the VP selected by the Senate becomes the President (Biden?) if the House has not decided. You may end up with a Paul/Biden team. Remember, it is the newly elected House and Senate that will decide these elections.

3. Elect Liberty minded people to Congress. That is the long term solution.

Sounds nice? Now let us make it happen.

Plan B

1. Hope that Johnson and Paul get together soon. The deadline for that is practically Sept. 14 because of the need to print overseas and military ballots. This will affect Plan A as we may end up with a Johnson/Biden term but what the heck, I would take that over anything else that is offered.

2. Make a lot of noise about getting Johnson in the debates. Get on the campaign to armtwist various pollers to include Johnson in the polls. He needs to show 15% in 5 polls to make the debates. How inconvenient when the polls don’t even include him. Break the logjam. There is only a couple of weeks left for this to happen.

Plan C

Obama with a four year deadlocked congress is better than eight years of Romney. Just keep that in your mind if plan A is not feasible. For CA voters, vote for Romney is a total waste. Dems control CA and BO is surely in regardless of your futile gestures. May as well vote for Paul or Johnson rather than encourage them bastards for not giving you a real choice. And fly your flag half mast until Liberty to smoke whatever, marry whatever, do whatever without Fed control is fully restored.

Where is the good Doctor when the country really needs him.

For the crime of telling the truth, Ron Paul MUST be sentenced to serve four years in the White House.