Comment: Ilya Prigogine Order out of Chaos

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Ilya Prigogine Order out of Chaos

Is an older, but wonderful reference if you want to get more into the details of how Order emerges.

For me, The reason to have a leader like Ron Paul, or someone else is as a focal point for the philosophy - someone to introduce a new way of thinking to people stuck in the old dialectic. We could measure how many people we had effected by watching Ron Paul's success.

If Ron Paul is not participating in politics anymore, and our movement is factionalized with regard to the best political outlet, it just means we don't have a good measurement of our success anymore, not that the movement is dying.

There are other ways that we can express ourselves beyond politics. And there is local politics that can work, and these is economic measures that you can use as well - particularly ifwe cold come up with an alternative Currency/economic system to use - the old hackers code of routing around damage in the system.