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It seems to me, that Ron Paul has an excellent plan for us, because there are no new Neocons taking seats.. the Neocons were not built to last, that's why there are so many empty seats in the GOP, and why they lie, cheat and steal,, they are desperate.. but they are already outnumbered, and while I would LOVE for the committees to be 100% Ron Paul Republicans, I don't mind the Tea Party, Palin's Earthquake taking those seats as they are constitutionally interested Republicans.. so together we will be undoing the Neocons, and making the differnce people can see between the two parties.

The problem we have are these power house groups, in my area it's called Bay Area Council.. the fat cat club, all the CEOs of corporations who Californians are stuck with, Energy, Food, past political leaders of both parties who are forcing their agenda (UN Agenda) onto BOTH parties.. and they own MSM.. so they are used to getting what they want.. that is what is going to be hard to fight, but we can, as that it doesn't take 100% Ron Paul on committees, but it does take an aware and willing Republic, which I believe we are getting as more folks wake up and want change.