Comment: Support Ron Paul candidates for US Congress

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Support Ron Paul candidates for US Congress

I'm a combination of:

•The Vote Gary Johnson faction. Also two subsets:
◦GJ can actually win!
◦"Let's send a message to the GOP!"


•The I'm not voting for nobody faction. "Voting is a scam, and I refuse to be anyone's monkey."

I don't believe America is a real democracy. Elections are nothing more than opinion polls. What really matters in politics, and determines who will most likely "win", is MONEY. We have a DOLLAR DEMOCRACY. The political issues with the most financial backing get moved to the top of the agenda, and the ones with the least backing get moved to the bottom of the agenda. The candidate who raises the most money, wins over 90% of the time. I therefore vote with my DOLLARS, not with BALLOTS.

I've donated over $2,000 to Ron Paul between 2007-2012. I've given about $500 to Campaign for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty. I've donated about $3,000 to PACs like Club for Growth; most of that was donated before YAL PAC existed. I've donated to Jim Demint's Senate Conservatives Fund.

I donate money to numerous policy institutes like Lundwig Mises Institute, CATO Institute, Drug Policy Alliance, Milton Friedman Foundation for School Choice, and others.

I leverage my voice through donations.

With that being said, my approach has helped give the GOP a realistic shot of retaking the US Senate and pushing the US Congress in a stronger fiscally conservative direction with organizations like Club for Growth and the Senate Conservatives Fund leading the way.

I support Ron Paul's YAL PAC. But there hasn't been any aggressive fundraising for it yet. I haven't seen the Ron Paul community organize any money bombs, or do any type of aggressive campaigning for those candidates. They're mostly sitting on their hands asking "What should I do?" because Ron Paul isn't there to spoon feed them and tell them what to do. What is the point in fighting for individual freedom if people can't think without waiting for Ron Paul to tell them what to do? If you don't like your choices for US President, then organize, fundraise, and support the US Congressional candidates supported by YAL PAC..

So, to answer the question on the main post, you are missing "$uck the US Presidential Election, and aggressively support Ron Paul candidates for US Congress through YAL PAC!"