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Bears questions and my answers

"1. Will you end the Federal Reserve and support competitive money policy?"

Maybe, and yes.
I have an Economic Idea that will be made known in great detail concerning at least two new competitive legal products that I call Product 1 and Product 2 whereby these products will either End the FED competitively or the people at the FED can start offering these products too. Product 1 is a no interest mortgage loan so that honest productive people in America will no longer need to buy 3 houses just to get one. Product 2 is a 1% interest loan offered to anyone who can buy a power producing product and then make more power from that power producing product, and this requires detailed explanation, which is possible, if there is an INTEREST in knowing better about such things. In the Spirit of sound bites, that is the condensed answer.

"2. Will you end the IRS so as to end superfluous growth government?"

I will use my power to apply due process to anyone in the Federal Government currently engaged in Fraud or Extortion such as The Federal Reserve Fraud System and the Internal Revenue System of Extortion. Heads will roll if anyone continues to perpetrate fraud and extortion in the FEDERAL government which won't be National once I am elected, since I can read plain English, such as the English Text written into The Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Independence, and my constructive interpretations of The Constitution are such that this Country can return to a Democratic Federated Government and States can pay their Union Dues or they can Opt Out as they please, which means that there will not be a Civil War unless one State dares to attack another State, and then the Federal Troops WILL be ordered to defend the State being attacked, and the Federal Troops WILL NOT BE ORDERED ON OFFENSIVE WARS FOR THE PROFIT OF THE FEW CENTRAL BANKERS FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC.

Is that clear? Can you understand plain English?

"3. Will you bring the troops home?"

Yes, home IN LIBERTY, in Spirit, if not in body, and certainly not in Body Bags fighting for the profits of a few central bankers foreign and domestic. But I am an outsider and not privy to the most current information concerning how far along the worst human beings among us have gotten on their way in purchasing World War III, on our dimes, and nickles, and with our Gold, such as may no longer be in Fort Knox, for example of one storage place that is supposedly storing American Legal Money. Once in office I plan on interviewing my military officers, finding those who are honest, and those who know better than the Frauds that have infested the counterfeit leadership within the American Military Forces, including the Private Armies, and I will set those better officers, according to my power to know better, on specific tasks that include an accurate, timely, assessment of the current State of Military Power world wide. Liberty will reign World Wide as never before if I have anything to do with the employment of American Military forces. This is a very troubling subject, and I can state firmly, that we will no longer be financing Dictatorial Strong Men, such as was the cases in The Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, and Al-Qaeda Terrorists. I will not simply abandon defenseless people who may be currently suffering because of our previous investments in Aggressive Wars for Profit of a few Central Bankers foreign and domestic. That can of worms will require diplomacy and Special Forces empowered in Defense of Liberty.

This is too important to leave at a sound bite.

Why can't I go, myself, as President, by Private Plane, to an example case of exactly what I am speaking about, such as Jerusalem?

Why can't I go to the front lines between Israel and Palestine to find out for myself exactly what is being done with all those Federal Reserve Notes being transferred into Israeli Banks, and find out exactly what is being done with all those F-16s, all that ammo, all those guns, Made in America with parts imported from China?

Yes, so, reasonably, I had better pick a damn good vice-president, but those are my intentions. What is the story on the ground, on the front, as to what the Troops are currently doing, and if it looks like crime to me, the order will be to for me and the troops to get back on the plane, go back to our Home Base, and get back to work, for the troops being trained to be the best killers the world has ever seen, in Defense of Liberty, because the Troops are no longer going to be in the "Peace Keeping Business". If you want to know what I will be looking for in Military Leadership then you may want to read John Boyd by Robert Coram, and learn yourself what America is all about, in reality, not some cooked up False Front Fantasy world of Peace Keeping.

We in America will be doing things, and we in America won't be trying to become someone, not in The Military, not if I have anything to do with it, as President.

If it turns out that all we have been doing is crime, nothing but Aggressive Wars for Profit, exported, and imported in places like Waco, with our American Military, then all of it will end, if there is, and this is highly likely, actual FOREIGN threats to American Liberty, then that will be found out, and that will be addressed by our best and brightest, in ways that are effective from a Military Standpoint.

I don't sign onto the notion that Russia, Iran, and China are Evil Empires, any less or greater in degree, than America has been while America has been controlled by a few very Powerful Central Bankers both Foreign and Domestic. Diplomacy in my viewpoint will target The People of Russia, and The People of China, and The People of Iran, and The People of Palestine, not their Central Bankers, not the Puppets that are hired by their Central Bankers, and if it turns out that the Leaders, the true Leaders, of these Foreign Countries are as interested in promoting the Liberty of The People as I am, as we are, then We The People, World Wide, can turn our defensive powers upon those Central Bankers, in Unison, and with that much Power Focused Upon those worst criminals among us, those worst criminals among us will find out that their crimes no longer pay so well, and they will then be inspired to get real jobs, and please consider how the Ben Bernankes would look serving you a Big Mac at McDonalds, or if he can't muster the productive genes that he may not even have, then he can fight with the other homeless people rooting through the trash for aluminum cans, or get in a line at the local homeless shelter.

If, on the other hand, China is already taken over by the same very powerful people who had America under their thumb, then our Military will have to be FORCED into very serious house cleaning, very serious training, so as to present China, or any other Criminal Nation State, with an overwhelming Defensive Force that they know better, unless they are insane, to fight, anywhere, on this planet.

You, and I, have NO IDEA, how truly corrupt our Financial, Government, and Military have become, infested with Frauds, and if you think McCarthyism was a witch hunt, you are a Dupe, and you wont' be voting for me anyway, but if you think that McCarthyism was a house cleaning that was derailed, corrupted, and then shunted like an electric power circuit going to ground, wasting the productive power, then, welcome aboard, and lets roll our sleeves, because it is now time to clean house. You can help, get up, go to the mirror, and conjure up the courage within you, and then get down to your local governments, and demand those Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, and then find the Frauds who have been perpetrating that Fraud upon you, or, at least, understand what can happen if someone, anyone, in your city does that chore, that cleaning of house, and don't listen to the "MOB" as the "MOB" may chastise, or ridicule, or marginalize, such patriotism as that type of example.

Find out the facts, and then do something about it.

"4. What are your goals to restore competition against monopoly power in order to restore the freedoms and power of the people?"

There are a few Fronts involved in reaching these goals, The Comprehensive Military Front is one, including not only the "Public" but also the "Private" American Military Forces that have grown so large, so divided, and so corrupt Nation Wide, at what should be The Federal Level.

State Level Military Forces, in my opinion, should be encouraged, as State governors, directed indirectly by The People, with their voting franchise, and their power to move from a worse State, to a better State, voting with their feet, encouraged to Defend themselves, especially if a State is being Threatened by a National Government. This answers your question in part. A Federation is divided and made less powerful, and potentially uncivil, as one State could, theoretically, fight another State, ONCE those States (the actual people in them), once those States begin to think in terms of their own individual sovereignty. That is how that is supposed to work, by that competitive design, a thoughtful design feature, designed into a Democratic Federated Republic.

Suppose I decide to use American Troops to defend Palestine Sovereignty, not likely, but I can't rule that out, since I know there are liabilities already created as so much in the way of investment (Federal Reserve Notes, F-16s, bombs, guns, ammo, etc.) has been invested in crushing Palestine as a Sovereign Country, so there may be cause to withdraw equitably, reasonably, and avoid leaving many innocent people to be slaughtered with criminal forces that American power has financed.

Suppose that is what I do, not likely, again, but suppose that happens, and then suppose that The People in New York are upset, and those people in New York start thinking less in terms of a Government Monopoly at the Nation State level, and they start thinking in terms of a more Local, Limited, Government at the New York State level, and they begin to withdraw moral and material support BECAUSE of my Stand for Liberty in Palestine (not likely but possible) and how does that work in reality? Does New York refuse to send their Troops? See? New York has no Troops, all the Troops have been sequestered by the Puppets who work for the Central Bankers who work only for their own Special Interest.

So the answer, on one front, is to divide the Nation power back down into State Power, and The Military Front is one facet of that move from Involuntary Union (Legal Crime) back down to Voluntary Union or Liberty, or Liberty in the Legal Form of a Democratic Federated Republic, which are possible, as current and past examples prove, in our time between 1776 and 1788 (Articles of Confederation), in Holland, in Switzerland (more federated and less democratic), in ancient Athens (more democratic and less federated), and in The Icelandic Common Wealth (more democratic and less federated).

"5. What are your goals to restore power to the people of These United States in order to remove enemy controlled politics within the RNC and DNC. Please answer as applicable to your sponsoring party?"

No Party wants me, so I have no party sponsoring me, and as people realize their own power in Trial by Jury, to deal with criminals on their own terms, people will be less concerned about giving up their power, by throwing counterfeit money at it, through the IRS, in the futile effort to give money to criminals so that criminals will solve the crime problems those same criminals create, so as to keep the power flowing, as the victims are fooled into providing the means by which we suffer.

"6. What are your goals to restore power within These United States in order to reverse the flow of power to China?"

That question requires an understanding concerning the nature of the power flowing either fraudulently or the opposite nature which would be power flowing voluntarily and without resorting to deception to make the power flow, and without resorting to threats of violence to make the power flow, and without resorting to violence to make the power flow from people in this Country to people in China. There is no reason for The Federal Government to have anything to do with sending money to China or borrowing money from China, as Gold, or as Federal Reserve Notes, and if there is a reason found, one that I have not understood as yet, then it had better not be a reason that involves the employment of deception, the employment of threats of violence, or the employment of violence on us by people in China, or by Me, or anyone here in American, upon people in China, because that is crime, and if those crimes are made legal, then I see a serious problem - that will stop if I have anything to do with it.

If, on the other hand, upon my gaining the position of President, and finding that China, as a POWER, is already at War with us, whereby deception has been officially sanctioned by people in the Chinese government, upon citizens of America, or threats of violence have been officially sanctioned by people in the Chinese government, upon citizens of America, or violence has been officially sanctioned by people in the Chinese government, then as President I will seek Congress to evaluate the evidence proving those facts, and then either declare war, because it exists, or declare that there is no war, because it does not exist, and we either defend ourselves or we have no reason to defend ourselves in either case.

Imagine the next trip to China, by me, The President, when I am negotiating the latest findings concerning World War III?

What can I say, what is my position, what do you think will be the Chinese Governments position?

No, we in America, while I am still alive, are not participating aggressively in the World War III scenario?

It has been our mutual misfortune that criminal elements have been at work in America, causing World War III to proceed on schedule, that has stopped, America will stop that, how about China?

Have you, China, similarly disconnected the link between The People in China and The Central Bankers foreign and domestic?

Free Trade, not Counterfeit Free Trade, is exactly what it is, and it does exactly what it does, which is the opposite of the counterfeit version.

Free Trade, or Free Markets, or Choices Produced by Producers seeking to supply what people want, is a FORCE, and it is a voluntary FORCE, and that FORCE, FORCES quality up and cost down.

So it is very important to judge accurately when judging which power is allowed to flow and which power is avoided altogether.

Productive power is voluntary power, and who, not me, will not allow that power to flow?

Destructive power, or criminal power, is involuntary, and who, not me, will tolerate any of it, if it is within my power, or your power, to avoid it altogether?

Let the voluntary power move to and from China, to and from America, unless Congress finds that China has declared War on us, and China thought better of telling us minions, us Tax Payers, and Congress is in on the deception, and your former "leaders" here in U.S.A. Inc. (LLC) were in on it.

I won't be in on the deception. I can go to China myself, I can find out for myself, so, again, I had better pick the best man, or best woman, for the job of vice president, and it will be one that takes the vice out of the vice presidency.

"7. Why are the Liberties as outlined in the Bill of Rights being castigated and despotism is being enforced against the American people and what are your goals to restore and guarantee these natural rights to the people?"

Here is where it is very important to employ the power I have, as President, or as a Juror, to inform everyone, as soon as possible, of the precious legal privilege afforded by each one of us to each other one of us here in America. We The People license each other, deputize each other, so as to empower each other, to safe guard our Liberties, and each one of us, of age, of productive capacity, of sound mind and body, are potential Jurors on a potential Trial by Jury, and we have the exclusive, executive, judicial, and legislative LEGAL POWER to judge any other person as to guilt or innocence and as to the JUST punishment due, as in due process, anyone.

That was once, here in America, known as the Palladium of Liberty, that POWER, that Legal Power, contained in each potential juror, in each potential Trial by Jury.

So, imagine my Presidency, as I inform, on Youtube, a free access television channel, so I can bypass the expense of sequestering "National Television", and then those people running "National Television" can televise the speech from Youtube, and my message is to deputize everyone, to let them know that they have the POWER already, and to ask of them that they don't, please, don't, give up that power, don't, please, don't listen to Judges committing fraud, if a Judge tells you that you are limited in your legal power, don't believe that lie, since any human being empowered with Common Sense knows that a person, an individual, will use their own conscience when an individual judges any case whatsoever.

You have the power of Trial by Jury, do not allow that power to be usurped, for if it is gone, you had better have guns, and you had better know how to use them, because enemies foreign and domestic will steal everything else you may hold dear, once you allow yourself to become completely defenseless.

That is why "the Bill of Rights [is] being castigated", as the productive people who produce things worth stealing are rendered defenseless for failing to know better than to allow Trial by Jury to atrophy into nothing more than a cartoon of its former self.

"8. How do you plan to restore and maintain the sovereignty of Each of The States against the Consolidated Central Government?"

Ending the Fraud in progress known as The Federal Reserve System (by producing actual money instead of counterfeit money) and ending the National Level Legal Extortion Racket known as The IRS, by trying the suspects for the crimes they may continue to perpetrate despite warnings, severs the Direct Links between the Despotic Nation State and The People residing within this Country. After that is done those people are then much more powerful since they no longer provide the means by which they suffer through those criminal enterprises so named as The FED and The IRS, and then, being more powerful those People may then be SUBJECT to Direct State Income Taxes, at various levels of Despotism, or Fraud, or Extortion, or some other less despotic means of taxation, and those people can vote according to their State Constitutions, or those people can vote with their two feet, or their cars, and they can then FORCE government at the State level, to higher quality, and lower cost, in a Free Market of Government, which is how a Democratic Federated Government has proven to work, right here in American, when it did work as designed, in such cases as Shays's Rebellion, which occurred under The Articles of Confederation before Slavery was made legal with The Constitution Usurpation of Liberty.

That isn't even the most detailed explanation, but as President I could command more than one interested listener?

What is the Bully Pulpit?

"9. How do you plan to restore and maintain the sovereignty of These United States against the Consolidated World Power?"

I went though much of that explanation concerning cleaning house in public and private military forces that fall under the command of The Commander in Chief, setting one soldier to help improve the quality of the other soldiers, in the killing business, not in the Peace Keeping Business. You really need to read about John Boyd, an American, when seeking an answer to this question. We will present the world with a powerful deterrence, one the world has never seen before, and one that will shine as an example to any group of people anywhere on earth whereby The People are suffering from domination by Legal Criminals. We won't allow that here, and we can then show other people how high the bar can be set, how no one, anywhere, can render us their subjects again. Not on our watch.

Liberty can be defended, so roll up our sleeves and clean house. The American Military is back in the business of Defense of Liberty, which is Defense against such things as Legal Torture, Legal Mass Murder, in the forms of Aggressive Wars for Profit, or Peace Keeping as the Frauds are apt to call it, a False Front, and this goal is common sense, necessary, vital, and so long as one despot continues to seek despotism, a counter POWER must exist to ensure that those crimes made legal are no longer profitable, despots have to be made to know better, they have to understand that it will cost them everything and they will get nothing if they go down that path of making Aggressive Wars for Profit Legal.

If there is an honest man, or woman, in the CIA, FBI, HOMELAND SECURITY, TSA, Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, Blackwater, or any Secret Force not known to me as a mere potential Juror (or tax payer, or citizen), but to be known to me as President, then that individual will be recognized, deputized, empowered, and set with all the power required to begin helping me clean house, to root out the criminals, stop paying them, or set Jurors upon them in due process if someone cares enough to accuse someone found to be possibly guilty of very serious crimes upon some very tortured or murdered victims, at least stop paying them to torture and murder innocent people, such as the current practice of sending Drones to Wedding Parties and Funerals in Foreign Countries, stop paying them so well to do that, get them out of their seats, and replace them with honest people who understand the vital necessity to KILL enemies of organized crime rings, who may be hiding behind a false front of an Army, or Navy, or Air Force, of some supposed legitimacy, IF, only IF, Kill only IF, if we are attacked by such a Criminal Military.

Let that be understood, please, that The Defensive Military must be more powerful, more able to KILL, The Aggressive Military if an Aggressive Military exists. This is not the "Peace Keeping" business, there is, unfortunately, a Kill or be Killed business. The Military that is Aggressive can be hidden behind any false front, set on coursed to enslave any weak people anywhere under any color of law, false pretenses, lies, or whatnot, so we have to NOT BE THEM, and we have to be more powerful than them, and imagining such things to be NON EXISTENT is pure fantasy, and so we in America must carry out the Tradition of producing the highest quality killers at the lowest cost, which is the FREE MARKET way of preserving Liberty against all aggressors foreign and domestic.

This has to be understood, in my opinion, this isn't a game. If the Military is Aggressive, sent on "Peace Keeping Missions" against innocent, defenseless, weak, VICTIMS, such as much of recent history, in Iraq, in particular, then The Military can afford to be of low quality and high cost - for a limited amount of time.

On the other hand, if The Military is going to preserve Liberty from every POWER that threatens Liberty, then The Military personnel, each individual, has to be setting the bar higher, not lower, in the business of making sure that our individuals are the ones alive after the fight.

You, me, and every single person in America, in my opinion, and provable in fact, MUST understand this, or Liberty, in our Modern Times, will continue to evaporate before our eyes.

The solution is competition, even in The Military. The Best Military Powers in history were those that worked upon the principle of Meritocracy, and not Merits of who can be more peaceful, but instead, not peaceful, but instead the best Killers, Merits of which individual soldier was the best, and which individual soldier was the brightest at staying alive in a fight while the enemy was no longer capable of fighting - even when it boiled down to who had to kill the other one before being killed him, or her, self.

That type of Meritocracy has to be returned, nourished, in American Military POWER, we can't afford Peace Keeping False Military Legal Crime, obviously, measurably, and this road, this Peace Keeping Road, this Legal Crime Road, this Counterfeit Military road, LEADS to America losing World War III, like lambs to slaughter. You, in the Military, and you Tax Payers, are buying your own demise, as your "leaders" are selling you out, and moving to Asia.

You think I'm not worthy of notice, let alone a vote for President, sure, I get that, but how much of your time, your costs, have been spent by you, being Juror, being focused on Defending Liberty, competitively speaking?

The proof of authority is gained by results, by merit, so you will get what you invest in, and right now, if there is a moral bone in your body, or a moral thought in your head, you are providing the means by which we all will suffer, so that a very few very powerful inhuman beings will continue to RULE this planet with an IRON FIST, hidden behind such attractive False Fronts as The FED, The IRS, and whatever other smoke or mirror works ON YOU.

"10. Who has bought and paid for your presidency? And in context of that question, what allegiance is due to that person?"

I have paid for everything concerning my presidency, and I plan to keep it that way. I owe allegiance to God as I know God to be real, and as common as sense can be, with or without English to transfer the meaning of God from one person to another.

And, the Bonus Question:
How will you restore Actual Trial by Jury as set forth in Magna Carta?

The Bully Pulpit aught to be defined in this manner exactly, to have someone of some notable authority, a candidate for President, or an officially sanctioned acting President currently speaking on this subject through various connecting mediums, television, YouTube, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, telephone, open forums live or recorded.

Hey, you, you are a potential Juror, and that means you have the exclusive legal power to judge anything concerning any case whereby your presumed to be innocent fellow citizen may or may not be found guilty by you and then you will be held responsible by your peers for your decision to convict and punish someone or to acquit and keep that innocent individual free IN LIBERTY.

There is no fence, the fence is an allusion, a false front, if you let someone else liberate themselves, it may be at your cost.

You have as much power IN LIBERTY as anyone else legally when We The People demand and ensure our Liberty, and as We The People no longer tolerate any one pretending to be legally more powerful than anyone else, in any court anywhere from east to west, and from north to south, it is our business to stay out of anyone else's business unless someone resorts to deceit, threats of violence, or violence upon an innocent person, with or without a badge, any criminal, with or without a badge, daring to injure any innocent person, IS OUR BUSINESS, as Jurors, and we won't tolerate such nonsense, not another day, not on our watch, and that has to be done, by us, if we are going to bring our sorry behinds back IN LIBERTY.

Roll up your sleeves.

It is time to clean house.