Comment: There is blame on all sides.

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There is blame on all sides.

US-NATO have planned to invade Iran for a long time because of oil. If the Middle East goes to the Euro or gold standard instead of the US dollar the US economy and power in the world will crash.

Iran has signs in their Mosques that openly announce they plan to destroy Israel. It is built into religion now and political-religion rules the Islam nations. Israel fears Iran and wants them destroyed before they destroy Israel.

I guess it would suit the NWO to have WWIII; cut down on the world population. They only want enough people left to take care of their needs; grow food, work in mines, build things, make clothes, keep a high level of civilization for the elite to have the world as their playground; much like the Hunger Games; the people kept poor and enslaved to providing for the needs of the wealthy elite.

So, what really IS going on in the background? Trace back to the FED and other central banks in almost every nation - except IRAN. And that is why Ron Paul wants to End the Fed and all central banks.