Comment: I feel so sorry for that woman

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I feel so sorry for that woman

I think her husband was listening and taking in some of the info, maybe not all of it, but at least some of it. Obviously no man in his right mind would be siding with the Ron Paul supporter(at least right there in that moment) which is understandable... Maybe when they have some subsequent talks about what that man had to say they can start making some intelligent progress and begin seeing the light. I pray that they do some researching and can let go of their preprogrammed beliefs to help them understand. Right now they are caught up and entranced in this duopolistic, 2 party system.

The only critique I would give is to lighten up just a little with the fact pounding and acknowledge how she is "right, BUT...". Make her feel like she is right in a way BUT... Pander to them a little more to draw them in rather than making them feel like they are wrong which kind of pushes them away from the truth. At least they know Obama is horrible. This 2 party system was meant to cause this sort of division in the people. It's the lesser of 2 evils that these people are squibbling about and lost due to.

I like how you stayed calm man, especially for that long. That is very hard to do, at least for me it's hard to do. They did listen allot more than your typical neocon would have.